It’s one of dining’s big mysteries.

What is the proper way to hold a wine glass? ┬áBy the stem? At the end? By the bowl? One handed? Two? With wine “all the rage” these days, you might have wondered this stuff, too.

Turns out, there’s some technique to “doing it right” when it comes to drinking wine. Epicureans, wine connoisseurs, and foodies won’t hesitate to tell you– hold that glass by the stem. If you do, it will show that you’ve got proper etiquette, which over the last decade or so has become a secret handshake of sorts.

And it comes with benefits. First, you won’t get hand prints on the glass. Second, the wine won’t warm up as fast, something you really don’t want if you are drinking white wine. Third, holding the glass at the base will keep the wine from sloshing around in the glass.


Clinking glasses with white wine and toasting.

Clinking glasses with white wine and toasting.