If you’ve never been to Sugar n’ Spice, you’re missing out.

This might just be the happiest breakfast joint in Cincinnati. We ate Sunday brunch there last weekend, and I walked away totally impressed. The staff at this spot takes pancakes and omelets to a whole other level.

We’re talking omelets as big as a person’s head and fluffy pancake that would make anyone’s mouth water. No wonder this restaurant has long weekend lines. People travel from all over just to try them.

While the food was good, though, the staff themselves impressed me the most. They make breakfast… fun. Twice during our meal, the owner brought out plates of hot samples for the guests waiting to eat– brownie bites for the first round, and fried mac n’ cheese the second time. He walked around with big buckets of rubber ducks, handing those out to young and old, too.

We walked away with four.

In my opinion, those personal touches go a long way. The restaurant has been a part of Cincinnati since 1941, but the family atmosphere hasn’t let up one bit. And everyone who dined there on Sunday left with a smile.

How could they not?