Just wanted to pass a few things your way, some things I’ve stumbled on that you might like, too.

Here’s a roundup of what’s on my radar right now.

  1. Cold pressed juiceThe science behind this juice phenomenon varies, and there’s a lot of debate about actual results, but I’m already in. I love the fresh taste of these juices, especially the ones served at Off the Vine in OTR. Just try them. Trust me. You’ll crave them afterward.
  2. Kit and Ace— Cincinnati just snagged one of the first USA stores for this brand, and I’m intrigued. Fabrics are all about comfort, luxury, and an on-the-go lifestyle. Sounds delicious. Check out the goods here.
  3. Malibu Betrayals (Entangled Select Contemporary) (Malibu Sights)— MK Meredith’s debut novel is up for pre-order right now, and not for long because it comes out on July 28th. I haven’t read it, but I heard about it a lot over the years. Just grab one. She’s a fantastic writer and I know you won’t be sorry, especially if you love a good romance.
  4. The GallowsI’m a sucker for found footage movies, and this one looks epic. it comes out Friday, just in time for the weekend, and promises to deliver a few scares. One look at the trailer and I’ll bet you’re hooked, too.
  5. The All-Star Game— I grew up on baseball, but never paid much attention to the Midsummer Classic. However, my city’s hosting the game this year, and Cincinnati has been at it for almost a year, preparing the community for an unforgettable weekend. In true Queen City fashion, leaders have also packed the festivities with special twists that show the city in her best life.

What’s on your radar right now?