Throughout the last few months, the official baseball for the All-Star Game has visited places all over the region surrounding Cincinnati. Baseball Across the Region (BATR), has done an amazing job of this–allowing people across three states the chance to see the ball before the game.

Tuesday morning, as the city counted down the hours to the first pitch, the ball made a final trip across Roebling Bridge from Covington into Cincinnati. It didn’t happen without quite a bit a pomp and circumstance.

A small group of volunteers (myself included) assisted community leaders as the ball traveled from hand to hand from one state to another. When it arrived in Cincinnati, Mayor John Cranley officially welcomed the ball to Cincinnati. By that time, a large crowd of several hundred people stood behind the ball in a spirit of collaboration. Afterwards, the male and female 2015 Flying Pig Marathon winners ran the baseball from Roebling Bridge to Crosley Terrace, were it remained on display throughout the day.

All and all, pretty neat to see–and help make happen. It reminded me of similar events that honor the Olympic torch, and BATR’s initiatives made this All-Star Game a celebration for everyone in the area, not just Cincinnati residents. And truly, this game would not have been successful without the enthusiasm and support of all the communities in the Tri-State.

Historic. Fun. Memorable. Just the kind of thing to be proud of as a resident of this region.