Nestled in between all of the All-Star fun in Cincinnati last weekend, I had a chance to try something I’ve wanted to explore  for a while, a party by GILD Collective.

This Cincinnati startup focuses on curated craft parties around town. Hostesses choose between a few projects, then invite guests over for a night of home crafting. Usually a little wine, appetizers, and some fun are thrown in to round out the night.

Remember the jewelry lady birthday parties in the 1980s? GILD Collective is a lot like that.

One of my friends hosted a party last Friday night in her home, and a few dozen of us gathered together to create a “Moore Code” necklace. Let by one of the GILD staffers, we navigated the box of supplies and created unique necklaces with personalized phrases.

It was a blast.

I really enjoyed the way GILD thinks of everything. Every kit comes with plenty of supplies and instructions. Even a crafty klutz like me left the party with a piece I’m proud to wear.

Right now, GILD is based in Cincinnati, but I’ve heard a rumor that they plan on expanding to other cities. Let’s hope that happens–everyone should have a chance to experience this kind of party fun.