It’s well known that I’ve been a runner for years. I’m not fast, but I love the exercise and the runner’s high that I get from completing a race. For me, there’s nothing like it.

But the standard 5K can get a little… boring from time to time. You can only run 3.1 miles so many times before you feel like one 5K  starts to look exactly like the another.

And that’s why I loved the race I ran this last weekend, Cincinnati’s Night Nation Run 2015.

Night Nation Runs are sweeping the country right now, and for good reason. First, money raised at these events goes to Stand Up 2 Cancer, a worthy charity that I have a personal reason to support (my father died of cancer when I was 10). Second, Night Nation Runs take the fun of a nightclub, the electricity of rave party, and the healthy practice of running and mix all three of those elements together. Basically, it’s one big party the entire race, and features DJs from around the country mixing music that a club promoter in Las Vegas would appreciate.

You don’t have to be a USATAF athlete to enjoy a race like this. You just have to have a good attitude and a group of friends at your side.

Saturday night’s event at the Kentucky Speedway couldn’t have been better. The weather was perfect, and it was awesome to see a crowd of thousands converge on the speedway for a race that I won’t soon forget. This event had a great spirit.

If Night Nation comes to your town, don’t hesitate to sign up for a race. You’ll get your workout in for he day, then party all night afterwards. What’s better than that?

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