As I’ve mentioned before on this site, my young adult novel, PRINCE CHARMING, is going through a transition. Booktrope is set to release a newly edited version of this story, and I hope this edition will help the novel find new readers.

Today, I’m happy to share the new cover for the second edition. It’s been hard to keep this secret–trust me. It’s a high concept design that is the result of a collaboration between myself, book manager April Gerard, editor Josie Cruz, and Ashley of Cardboard Monet designs.

I believe this cover couldn’t be more perfect for this story.

It reflects a number of the themes in the book, but it also does something else: it pays homage to the original cover for the first edition. The back cover even features the photo used on the front cover of that edition, albeit this time with a few different filters and in a different way. That makes this cover special not only for me, but for model Joe Geiman, Amy of Amy Elisabeth Photography, and the fantastic fashion designers at Artfully Disheveled.

As a close friend of mine often says, “I love it when a plan comes together.” I couldn’t agree more with that statement right now.

The Booktrope┬áversion of this book releases on August 18th. That means for the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing all kinds of fun facts and information about the story on this website. You’ll want to check back often for giveaways, exclusive content, playlists and more that will showcase this story in a new way.

In the meantime, enjoy the cover!

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