Yesterday, while working for the AM show on Fox19, I got a fantastic look at something that I feel is a Do. Not. Miss during the next few months for our city.

The Art of the Brick exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center gave us a VIP look at the 100 or so pieces that will be on display for the next 7 months. I had expectations going in, and I thought I would be impressed, but this exhibit did more than that. It blew me away.

Basically, Nathan Sawaya used to work as a corporate lawyer in NYC. You can imagine the kind of stress that came with that job, and when he came home, he used to relieve stress by missing around with one of his favorite childhood pastimes, LEGOs. Tinkering around with those made him creative, and pretty soon, he was creating amazing pop art sculptures out of simple LEGO bricks. I’m not talking about simple villages or items made from prepackaged LEGO kits. I’m taking about taking the brick to a whole new level. The brick is the medium, but Nathan’s mind is on full display when you look at his art.

Over the years, he has made pieces that replicate famous works of art and international points of interest, he’s also created LEGO sculptures that remind people of Andy Warhol pieces and celebrate everyday life. He gained such a following that he quit his job as a lawyer in 2004 and now does this full-time.Can you imagine that? He builds amazing sculptures out of LEGOs AS A JOB.

It’s a unique life, for sure. He told me that at any given time, he has 4 million LEGOs on hand at his Los Angeles studio so that he can use as many as he needs once his creativity strikes. 4 million. That’s unbelievable.

The Art of the Brick is a traveling exhibit that features Nathan’s work in a high-end, beautiful way. It’s surprising. Interesting. Thought provoking. Fun for all ages. It is not to be missed. It officially opens today at Union Terminal, and will only be here through May 1. Want to go? Grab a ticket here.

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