A few nights ago, my husband and I stumbled onto something AMAZING.

You’re going to be glad that I’m sharing this–it’s a game changer for the cheddar bay biscuit.

Struggling for something to eat, we rooted around for a few minutes in the pantry discussing possibilities. Neither of us wanted more turkey from Thanksgiving, nor did we want anything too heavy. After a few minutes, he pulled out a box of Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuit mix.

“What if we eat these?” he said.

I told him we could, and as he began to make the mix, I looked for something to add to the biscuits. That, my friends, is when the magic happened.

Cheddar Bay Ham Sliders.

It’s the perfect marriage of garlic, cheese, biscuits and meat.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 box of cheddar bay biscuit mix, prepared via directions on the label
  • 3 slices of Virginia honey roasted deli ham


Mix box of biscuit mix. Grease muffin tray. Fill slots of tray with biscuit mix. Cook biscuits on muffin tray using instructions on the back of the box. Wait for muffin biscuits to cool. Slice deli ham into 12 small quarters, or four pieces of each slice. Cut biscuits in half. Place ham into open biscuit. Close.


This deal was so delicious and, well, random, that I failed to take a photo of the final product. Just trust me when I say that the ham sliders taste AMAZING. Serve them at your next party, or just when you want something different. You will not be disappointed.