January always brings us a myriad of weight loss and “get fit” shows on TV, and I’ll admit, I usually skip them.

But not this time. This time–I have a vested interest in one, and it starts airing on Thursday at 9PM on ABC. One of my best friends from my days in Oklahoma City, Latasha Givens, is a cast member on “My Diet is Better Than Yours”!

I’ve been pretty excited about this ever since I found out about it –I won’t say when that exactly was. MDIBTY (that’s my acronym for it) started shooting the fall of 2015, and it follows several ordinary Americans as they make healthy changes in their lives. Shaun T, creator of Insanity, hosts the show, and each trainer is partnered up with a contestant. Trainers then bring their individually designed diet and exercise plans to the contestant and works with the each week. The ultimate goal is to lose weight and prove that “my diet is better than yours”.

I don’t know how Latasha found out about this show, but I’m thrilled she’s one of the contestants. She’s wanted to lose weight for a while, and this has been a fun way to do it. I also know she’s going to be a great addition to the cast–there is no one kinder, more beautiful, or more good natured than her.

We bonded pretty quickly when I arrived at KFOR, and I have many awesome memories of the laughs we shared and the time we spent together. Even after I left OKC, I still kept in close touch with her, and managed to visit her in the hospital just a day after she had her first child. Now, she and her family live in Atlanta, and we still talk all of the time.

So, you probably can guess that this is who I want to win this show. More than that, though, I want to see her get to a better place in her life– a place where she is truly happy on the outside and the inside. If this show does it, then I am thrilled!

Look for more updates on this site as the show airs. For now, I want to share with you one of the first photos I have of our friendship. We had brunch at Stella in OKC’s Midtown neighborhood just a few days after I started at KFOR, along with another reporter, Marika. How I miss these two!