In case you haven’t heard, I have a new book coming out on March 21.

HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS is a standard romance with a few twists, and I loved working on it for much of last year. I can’t believe this book will soon be available! It’s coming exclusively to KINDLE UNLIMITED and Kindle devices worldwide. It will not be available for preorder.

FROM THE BACK COVER: Tanner Vance and Brynn Price have nothing in common but a boulevard of broken dreams. His perfect Hollywood career is about to blow up in his face; she’s a struggling actress whose hopes for fame and success couldn’t be in a bigger drought. When they meet one night outside of a seedy strip club, desperation reeks from both of them. Something has to change soon. And that’s when Tanner has an idea. He knows how LA works. Perception is everything–especially when it comes to the love lives of celebrities. Why not use that to their advantage? In this town, though, even love has a price…

More to come in the next few weeks!