A new year, a new you.

That’s what we say every January, right? That we want to turn over a new leaf with the new calendar, and that we want to make good on our plans to lose weight or get fit.

And then we don’t do it.

And I get this. It’s hard to make being healthy a part of our daily lives. So many things can get in the way–families, work, life changes, temptations, that extra bag of Reese’s cups…

But the fact is, once you’re on the road to healthier habits, it can be easy to stay on track with a few fitness tricks. Now, I’m no supermodel or a body builder, but I do fit into a size 6 and I’ve run a marathon (and 6 half marathons). I also work out every day. I make time for fitness in small ways, and it adds up to a lot. I feel better when I work out. I have more energy and clarity in my daily life. I sleep better. I’m not as moody.

So here’s are a few of my tricks. They’ve helped me, and they might help you, too!

  1. Get a fitness tracker. I gave myself a Fitbit last year for my birthday, and it literally changed my life. If you don’t know, these trackers encourage the wearer to get moving, and it cheers that person on throughout the day in reaching the goal of 10,000 steps. At first, even with my daily workouts, 10,000 steps was not an easy goal to achieve. In fact, I was struck by how little the tracker told me that I was moving. Well, I fixed that pretty quickly. Since May 3rd, 2016, I’ve only had one day at less than 10,000 steps, and on that day, I had a migraine so bad I couldn’t stand up from the couch. Most days, I get 11-12,000 steps! I don’t go a day without wearing my tracker. It’s part of me now!
  2. Bring water with you. Most of the time, we’re so busy that we are dehydrated and we don’t even realize it. It’s so bad that many of us can also mistake that same dehydration for hunger. One solution? Bring water with you everywhere! A small investment in a pretty tumbler or to-go cup can make all the difference here. Don’t like the taste of regular water? A SodaStream is a great way to fix that–you can add flavors to carbonated water and mix it up so that it doesn’t seem so boring.
  3. Workout with a buddy. If you have a friend who is trying to get fit, why not make a pact to get to the gym as often as possible? Accountability works! A friend of mine lost 100 pounds that way. She had a partner help her get to the gym, and along the way they talked about ways to live healthier.
  4. Invest in a good running shoe. You’re going to have to do cardio as part of your workout routine, so you better make sure you have good gear to help you get it done. A good running shoe is so important. It can help prevent injury, and give you support when you least expect it. I like Asics and Adidas shoes, but the important thing is to find ones that work for you!

Hope that helps! With a few small steps, you can go a long way!