Primary Season

Who says politics isn’t sexy?


PATRICK BLANCO wants nothing more than a chance at the presidency, and he’s willing to do anything to get it. At just thirty-eight-years-old, Patrick is already one of the youngest and most successful senators in the country, but he’s destined for more. Much more. When the cold winds of the New Hampshire primary blow in his favor, his campaign kicks into overdrive.


So does his love life.


ALEXANDRA JONES knows that working on Patrick’s election could be the job she needs to prove herself in Washington, DC.  Win with him, and her life will change forever. She just didn’t count on something—her growing attraction to her boss. Pretty soon, she can’t deny it.


Neither can he.


As Patrick and his team head to South Carolina, life gets complicated. This is politics, after all. Secrets don’t say secret for long. Everything has a price. Everyone has a motive. There’s no time for love.


Or is there?




Primary Flip

Who says all is fair in love and politics?


Heiress Kathryn Van Der Loon is mortified over the fallout of her fake relationship with Patrick Blanco, the has-been, cheating South Carolina Democratic presidential candidate. No one humiliates her and gets away with it.


No one.


When Patrick runs for reelection as an Ohio senator against her old friend and classmate, sexy Landon Marsh, Kathryn devises a plan for revenge. She has a past with Landon that could spark a connection between them and flip the primaries—and her love life—in her favor.


But with so much at stake, can the heart win…or will her plan for vengeance destroy them both?