Don’t Miss The Art of The Brick

Yesterday, while working for the AM show on Fox19, I got a fantastic look at something that I feel is a Do. Not. Miss during the next few months for our city. The Art of the Brick exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center gave us a VIP look at the 100 or so pieces that will be on display for the next 7 months. I had expectations going in, and I thought I would be impressed, but this exhibit did more…

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The One Thing I Wish #Cincinnati Had

We first found it in 2006, in Reno, Nevada, right smack in the middle of town. My husband and I traveled there as part of a conference (he wasn’t my husband then), and when we found it, we made sure we went back two times in 3 days.We found it again in 2009 in Los Angeles, and just recently this summer in Charlotte, NC. What am I talking about? A dessert bar. It’s a tempting concept, and once you’ve gone to…

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Travel Time: Niagara Falls

Our family took road trip just a few weeks ago to one of the wonders of the world: Niagara Falls. I’ve lived close (within driving distance) to the falls for most of my life, but never had a chance to see them. It’s even more beautiful than people described to me, and I recommend a weekend trip there. It’s an easy trip and an affordable way to have an “international” vacation. With that in mind, here are some tips: Stay…

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Do We Really Have to Do Christmas Right Now, Retailers?

RIP, Halloween. Nice to know you, Thanksgiving. It’s  the second week of September, but we’ve already skipped ahead. Walk into retail stores across the country and you’ll see it– Christmas holiday décor has already arrived in many places, filling up the shelves with holiday cheer. Really. When I first saw it on LABOR DAY, I thought my eyes had seen a mirage. Surely that wasn’t a large display of elves, Christmas ornaments, holly, candy canes, and music in the middle of…

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Some Thoughts on the Joys of Getting Your Hands Dirty

I’ve never been one with a “green thumb”. I’ve left that to my mother–who knows more about plants than most people I’ve ever met.  Most of the plants I’ve ever tried to nurture have died within a few days of contact with me.  Gardening has never been my thing. Until now. Our living situation changed this year in a good way, and we found ourselves responsible for a pretty large swath of yard that included flowerbeds, bushes, large trees, and half-hearted…

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As I’ve mentioned before on this site, my young adult novel, PRINCE CHARMING, is going through a transition. Booktrope is set to release a newly edited version of this story, and I hope this edition will help the novel find new readers. Today, I’m happy to share the new cover for the second edition. It’s been hard to keep this secret–trust me. It’s a high concept design that is the result of a collaboration between myself, book manager April Gerard,…

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Because the Night

It’s well known that I’ve been a runner for years. I’m not fast, but I love the exercise and the runner’s high that I get from completing a race. For me, there’s nothing like it. But the standard 5K can get a little… boring from time to time. You can only run 3.1 miles so many times before you feel like one 5K  starts to look exactly like the another. And that’s why I loved the race I ran this…

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Celi Cooks: Easy Peasy Angel Food Pudding

During the crush of summer, I crave light, airy, sweet treats with lots of fruit. The more fruit, the better. That’s why I love this simple recipe for Angel Food Pudding. It takes only a few minutes to prepare, doesn’t require any baking, and captures summer in every bite. Try it once, and I’m sure you’ll put it in your summer rotation. It’s a hit! Ingredients: 1 premade Angle Food cake 1 10 oz tub of strawberries, washed and sliced 1 8…

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A Very GILDED Party

Nestled in between all of the All-Star fun in Cincinnati last weekend, I had a chance to try something I’ve wanted to explore  for a while, a party by GILD Collective. This Cincinnati startup focuses on curated craft parties around town. Hostesses choose between a few projects, then invite guests over for a night of home crafting. Usually a little wine, appetizers, and some fun are thrown in to round out the night. Remember the jewelry lady birthday parties in the…

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Get to Votin’

One of my upcoming book signing events, Queen of the West Book Bash, has voting going on right now for their awards ceremony. Organizers are looking for the hottest authors and the best books at the event, and my books are among them! I’m so honored to be part of the fun! Click on this link to vote for my books, and see the full list of authors included in the voting.  The first round ends on July 30th! XOXO

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