My Favorite Fitness Tricks

A new year, a new you. That’s what we say every January, right? That we want to turn over a new leaf with the new calendar, and that we want to make good on our plans to lose weight or get fit. And then we don’t do it. And I get this. It’s hard to make being healthy a part of our daily lives. So many things can get in the way–families, work, life changes, temptations, that extra bag of…

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“My Diet is Better Than Yours”– One Weight Loss Show You Must Watch

January always brings us a myriad of weight loss and “get fit” shows on TV, and I’ll admit, I usually skip them. But not this time. This time–I have a vested interest in one, and it starts airing on Thursday at 9PM on ABC. One of my best friends from my days in Oklahoma City, Latasha Givens, is a cast member on “My Diet is Better Than Yours”! I’ve been pretty excited about this ever since I found out about it…

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2016 Wishlist!

2016 is going to be epic and I can’t wait to take you all on this exciting journey! As we celebrate the holidays and begin the new year, I’ve created an exclusive 2016 Wishlist for you. These are my MUST HAVE items for 2016. My picks for everything from books to winter fashion! Click here to check it out and write your 2016 MUST HAVES in the comments below.

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Because the Night

It’s well known that I’ve been a runner for years. I’m not fast, but I love the exercise and the runner’s high that I get from completing a race. For me, there’s nothing like it. But the standard 5K can get a little… boring from time to time. You can only run 3.1 miles so many times before you feel like one 5K  starts to look exactly like the another. And that’s why I loved the race I ran this…

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Spin to Win: Five Reasons to Take a Spinning Class

If you’re like me, you get bored easily. It can be hard to do things over and over again, especially something that takes time and effort, like a workout. Since 2008, when I first got serious about my personal health, I’ve been on a journey, trying different types of workouts different ways. I’ve run several races (including a marathon), hired a fitness trainer, attended all kinds of exercise classes, and challenged myself to change it up in the gym. My…

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Ray of Light

Ahh–the fountain of youth. If only it really existed. Since the beginning of time, mankind has searched for something, anything to stem the tide of the aging process. Creams. Surgery. Diets. Drinks. Concoctions. Pills. And now, light. No, I’m not talking about tanning here. We all know that’s bad for the skin. If you haven’t heard, red light therapy is one of the biggest trends out there when it comes to health and anti-aging. Red light therapy booths are popping up…

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3 Fitness Goals for The Rest of 2013

The dog days of summer have me in a health and fitness funk. When I can, I get outside for fresh air, but more often than not I find myself at the gym doing the same tedious workouts and sweating like some kind of gym zombie. And that’s not okay. So, I decided to make some fitness goals. That’s what I do when I’m not satisfied with myself. I make simple goals and set a reasonable time to achieve them.…

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Get Fit and Get Outside!

This weekend while I visited Cincinnati, the temperatures were in the 70s. That is unbelievable. A normal July for Cincinnati is a muggy 90 degrees or higher underneath a blazing sun. Most days the air is soupy and wet, and every kind of allergen pops up. It’s not always fun, and most days it leaves you just wanting to stay indoors all day and drink anything cool and refreshing just to pass away the summer hours. Not this past weekend.…

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Three Summer Beauty Products I LOVE

Summer skin got you down? It has me down, too. Summer’s a time when I usually find my skin looking sallow, oily, inconsistent,  and generally run down. It’s a season when my skin and lips need A LOT of attention. This summer, though, I have found several products I am going berserk over. They’ve all become my “go-to” products. I thought I’d share a little bit about them, and why I love them. Dream Fresh BB Cream by Maybelline: I’ve told…

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One time, on Pike’s Peak…

The following post is a “re-blog” of a guest post I wrote on a friend’s blog in September 2012, shortly after my failed mission up Pike’s Peak in Colorado.  We never made it to the top of the mountain on that hike. Read on to find out why. Fifteen hours after our first confident steps, the four of us shuffled off Pike’s Peak in disbelief. Somehow, Brian, Mary Karen, my husband and I had made it up and down one…

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