#NaturalLove Release Week: Teaser #3

Avery Jackson has intrigued Spencer Chadwick for most of his life. He can’t remember when it started–when he first noticed something different about the beautiful person who grew up right next to him. She’s the strongest person he knows, but that doesn’t mean she carries the burdens of her life very well. She’s good at hiding her real pain. But in NATURAL LOVE, everything escalates for the two of them.  They won’t ever be the same again. NATURAL LOVE is slated…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: Why do you set your books in Cincinnati?

In anticipation of NATURAL LOVE‘s release, I’m answering one of the questions I get all the time: Why Cincinnati? I never expected to set any of my books in Cincinnati  or in Ohio. Growing up, when I thought about the stories that I would write and the stories I yearned to tell, I never set them in the city I consider my hometown. I set the those stories in NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, and on made up planets. Never in Ohio.…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: A Few Fan Made Teaser Graphics

Right now, in these last few days before release, NATURAL LOVE has just been read by a small group of people. A small group of  fellow authors, two editors, some bloggers, and a few ARC readers are the only ones who know all of Spencer and Avery’s love story. Having ARC copies out has been a interesting process this time around. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Yesterday, a ARC reader living in New Hampshire finished the book. Shortly afterward, she reached out…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: An Inside Look at Chadwick Gardens

In the “alternate universe” Cincinnati that I created for NATURAL LOVE, the sprawling mansion of Chadwick Gardens plays a pivotal role. It is a central backdrop to the story, and provides an aspect of the tension in the book. Here’s a closer look at this major part of the story. _____ Name: Chadwick Gardens (not original name) Date Built: 1921 Architect: WW Cordes (a real person, but this is a fictional property) Architectural Style: Art Deco with Greco Deco elements Awards: National Register of Historic Places…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: Teaser #2 and a GIVEAWAY

As I have said before, I love making teasers! I love it! And, this book has provided so many fun opportunities for me to flex my PicMonkey skills. Here’s my latest  effort. I hope you enjoy it. Readers of this book will recognize this passage from the beginning of the story. Also, I cannot believe that NATURAL LOVE has more than 2,000 TBRs on Goodreads. This is amazing, fantastic news! I am blown away! I am humbled! I am thrilled! So,…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: Four Questions You Want to Ask

Today during NATURAL LOVE‘s release week blitz, I’m answering some questions you want to know. Read on to find out some secrets about the book, and what’s on the horizon for me. ______ Where did you get the idea for the story? SC: My husband gave me the idea. We toss around ideas all of the time, and one night, after we finished a Netflix marathon binge of The Borgias, he said, “You should write a story about two people who…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: Teaser #1

I love making teasers. It’s fun. Ever since I discovered PicMonkey last year, selecting cool stock photos and the perfect fonts have become an obsession. It’s also a welcome break from times when I “should” be writing. This week, for the next seven days, I’m posting a new teaser every day for NATURAL LOVE. All of them have been lovingly made by yours truly. I hope you enjoy them. NATURAL LOVE is slated for release on December 9, 2014. It is…

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#NaturalLove: Chapters 1-3

Wow. I can’t believe we are here. I can’t believe it. A month ago, I would never have dreamed that more than 1,300 people would have marked NATURAL LOVE as “To Read” on Goodreads before the book even hit shelves. That’s amazing and overwhelming to me. I am so grateful for all of the interest and excitement about this book.   Not only is it up on Goodreads, but the Kindle edition of the book is also up for pre-order…

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