Why I Love Colleen Hoover

I don’t know Colleen Hoover, but I love her. Not real love, of course. Literary love. She caught my eye in December of last year, right around the time she released Hopeless.  By then, of course, so many bloggers and readers already knew about her from her first two acclaimed works, Slammed and Point of Retreat. She’d already been heralded one of the best authors on the indie turned hybrid publishing scene, and you couldn’t go anywhere in the blog word without tripping…

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COVER REVEAL: Othrinia’s Rain

Awesome author A.J Adwen has stopped by the blog to reveal the cover of her new book, Othrinia’s Rain. It comes out in September. Here’s a quick synopsis: When the kingdom of Othrinia was split down the middle at the hands of feuding twin kings, leaving Othrinians scattered and the new land of Veodue secluded in desolation, these two lands, worlds apart, became the epitome of light and darkness. Raenah Brookshire is not a typical Othrinian young woman. She yearns for…

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Teaser Tuesday: All About THE PALMS

Most of you know I love to write. Love it. And lately, I’ve had a couple of projects in the works–a few things taking up my time. One, is the sequel to The Undesirable, which is called The Resistance. I promise, that project is coming along and is slated for a release at the beginning of 2014.  If you’ve become a fan, don’t worry. Charlotte and Fostino aren’t going anywhere. Another project I have on the burner is the Swept Away novella series.…

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Books and Authors to Know

Did you know there are almost 4 million books for sale in the Amazon store? Yep. That many. And every day, there are more and more books out by indie authors. I don’t know about you, but I love that. It means that more than ever, the power is in the hands of authors and readers. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing. With that in mind, I thought I’d share three books you might want to check…

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The First Draft of THE RESISTANCE is Finished!

Yes! It is! Just a few minutes ago, I finished it! Fifty chapters and thousands of words later, THE RESISTANCE is done! Well, the first draft! WHEW! I can’t believe it. It feels great. It’s been a tough book to write, with just as many twists, turns, and tense moments as THE UNDESIRABLE. It’s messy. It needs its share of revisions. It’s got a long way to go before it is ready for public consumption. I am a huge believer…

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Just because I feel like it, THE UNDESIRABLE is FREE right now on Amazon. Yep,  you read that one right. Free! The promotion started today at midnight PST and ends on March 21st at 11:59PM PST. So, now is your time to go ahead and get a copy! If you like a gripping story of adversity, maturity, love and triumph all wrapped up into a teenage coming of age story, then this book is for you. And if you’re not sure,…

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