Goosebumps Comes to Life

In case you missed it, Hollywood put out the trailer for the new Goosebumps movie. Now, before you laugh at me, hear me out. This looks really good. Funny. Cute. It seems like a twist on the books, where the writers tie the classic series together into one movie. I’m interested. As I kid, I lived on a steady diet of R.L. Stine novels. His young adult lit, along with several other authors, got me through a lot of summers and more than…

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Inside My Life: Theater is so much better when you know the stars

I spent a lot of time in my childhood as a theater kid. And I loved it–even if I wasn’t all that talented at it. Starting in the summer after third grade, I took acting lessons at Cincinnati’s Playhouse in the Park, tried out for local theater productions, went after parts in school plays, and even went on a few auditions for local commercials. For awhile, I wanted to be a movie star (haha), and  my love of acting and…

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Sweet Valley Memories

For whatever reason, this weekend had me remembering some of  my favorite books as a kid. Now, let me just say I was a voracious reader. I had to have a book at all times, and I plowed through the school library and then the community library with abandon. My parents spent more money on books for me than they did on clothes. On long trips, I had to have a stack of books as we made the long drive…

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