Takin’ Texas By Storm at RT

If you love books as much as I do, there’s no better place to be than at RT Booklovers Convention. I’ve heard about it for years, and I have a friend who always attends, but it’s never been in the cards for me, because the convention isn’t cheap. When you add in hotel, plane tickets, food, and more it’s on the pricier end.  This year, I got to attend it in Dallas, and I can assure you, it is worth…

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Fun Times at Aston Oaks Golf Club

A few weeks ago, my wonderful author friend, Mia Sheridan, graciously invited me to participate in a “wine and books” event at Aston Oaks Golf Club. No way would I turn that one down! From 1-4 on Sunday, March 29th, we met with readers, drank some wine , and had a fantastic afternoon. Authors Emerson Show, Tanya Kappes, and Wendy Owens also participated in this signing. I think I speak for all of us when I say we had a…

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An Awesome Day for an Awesome Cause

Today was a fantastic day at Wesley Community Services Organization. And I mean FANTASTIC. This whole month, Wesley Community Services has been participating in March for Meals, a nationwide push that highlights organizations that provide Meals on Wheels to  older Americans all across the country. In 2014, Wesley Community Services provided over 450,000 meals on wheels products to clients in Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky (cough–I jointed the board of WCSO that December, too–cough), and we wanted to…

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Inside the New Lobby of the Contemporary Arts Center

Being a TV reporter (even a freelance one) has perks. Today, I got an exclusive first look at the new lobby of the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati, a lobby that has been under construction for the last few months. The team at the CAC poured over $1.1 million into the project, and the results are very impressive. The CAC has a brand new gift shop, welcome desk, and cafe in the old lobby space. The first floor also…

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All About #PrinceCharming’s Big News

If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed some exciting news about my young adult coming-of-age novel, PRINCE CHARMING. It has been picked up the publisher Booktrope, which plans to release a second edition of the book sometime this year. I couldn’t be happier about this news. Here’s a quick rundown on what happens next: PRINCE CHARMING will go through a new round of edits, and could get a new cover design and layout. PRINCE CHARMING‘s second…

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Exciting News: Join Me at RT 2015!

As I have mentioned on several of my social networks, some exciting things have been brewing for me for 2015. One major event happens this May. I am overjoyed to announce my participation in the RT Booklovers convention this year (the annual convention for romance writers, readers, publishers and agents). Organizers have added a few new events in the last week or so to what already promises to be a show stopping week in Dallas.  I’m taking part in the…

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Inside My Life: Theater is so much better when you know the stars

I spent a lot of time in my childhood as a theater kid. And I loved it–even if I wasn’t all that talented at it. Starting in the summer after third grade, I took acting lessons at Cincinnati’s Playhouse in the Park, tried out for local theater productions, went after parts in school plays, and even went on a few auditions for local commercials. For awhile, I wanted to be a movie star (haha), and  my love of acting and…

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#NaturalLove: Let’s Chat!

One thing I love to do is talk to people.  It’s fun. Heck, I’ve made a career out of talking to people. It ‘s one of the things I do best. And now, I want to talk to you. On Monday night, I’m hosting the first five readers who sign up on a special Google Hangout Chat. If you’ve ever used Google Hangouts, then you’ll know why I am doing this. They are fun, and a great way to connect…

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Four Reasons to Party at Fall Fiesta

I always love fall in Cincinnati. With so much to do, the social season is abuzz with gallery openings, parties, the symphony, fashion shows, and more. The city really does come alive in the weeks just before the start of the holiday season. In the middle of all the excitement and a full social schedule, there is one event that I look forward to more than any other, and that’s Cooperative for Education’s Fall Fiesta. It truly is one of…

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Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Before I moved to Oklahoma, I had never been to a really big state fair. It just wasn’t part of my life growing up. The Ohio and Kentucky State Fairs were two hours away from our home in the Cincinnati suburbs, so making an annual pilgrimage wasn’t something we’d done. When I worked at KSLA, Shreveport hosted the annual Louisiana State Fair, but I often heard that as fun as that event was, it paled in comparison to the state…

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