Goosebumps Comes to Life

In case you missed it, Hollywood put out the trailer for the new Goosebumps movie. Now, before you laugh at me, hear me out. This looks really good. Funny. Cute. It seems like a twist on the books, where the writers tie the classic series together into one movie. I’m interested. As I kid, I lived on a steady diet of R.L. Stine novels. His young adult lit, along with several other authors, got me through a lot of summers and more than…

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The Great Gatsby: My Review

There’s been a lot of build up  for The Great Gatsby. A lot. And I admit, I was one of those swept up in all the excitement, the product placement, the magazine covers, fashion collections, and design of this film. So much so, that I found myself at the movie theater this morning at 10 AM buying a ticket to the movie. As much as I love Hollywood and movies in general, I rarely go out of my way to…

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Oscar Best Dressed

As I said in my post on Sunday, one of the best parts of the Oscars is the fashion. If there is ever a time to “bring it” in Hollywood, that night is the night. The red carpet never disappoints with all gorgeous dresses, beautiful jewelry, perfect tuxedos, and amazing hair. But, as with every party, there are those who shine brightest on a night like this. So who do I think should top any “Best Dressed” list? Here are…

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