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That Awesome Thing That You Did (and Didn’t Even Know It)

Thank you. That’s the best way to start this blog post. Thank you. Thank you so much. If you’ve visited this site in the last few months, you know that my latest book, NATURAL LOVE, came out in December 2014. It is my fourth major work to reach the marketplace, and it was a departure from the other books I have written. It also received a large share of pre-publication buzz, and has sold very well over the last three…

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#NaturalLove Word Search!

Here’s a little fun for fans of NATURAL LOVE. It’s a word search with some of the major characters, themes, and locations as clues. It’s just a quick way to pass the time, and if you enjoyed the book, it’s a unique tie in. These are the words included: Audi, Chadwick Gardens, Spencer, Avery, kiss, Mitchell, Cincinnati, Lisbon, Ovation, stepbrother, bracelet, forbidden love, love, Peace Corps, stepsister Happy hunting!  

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#NaturalLove Makes List of Top 2014 Reads

Just ran across some awesome news about NATURAL LOVE, and I can’t resist sharing it. Spencer and Avery’s complicated love affair made the list of TOP TEN READS for 2014 over on Kris and Vik Book Therapy Cafe’s Blog! Here’s a link to the post. For those of you who have followed me on this journey, you know how much this means to me. I used to dream of people reading my writing and enjoying it, and to see that…

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#NaturalLove: Let’s Chat!

One thing I love to do is talk to people.  It’s fun. Heck, I’ve made a career out of talking to people. It ‘s one of the things I do best. And now, I want to talk to you. On Monday night, I’m hosting the first five readers who sign up on a special Google Hangout Chat. If you’ve ever used Google Hangouts, then you’ll know why I am doing this. They are fun, and a great way to connect…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: Party Every Day

I’m not always the best at “the art of the pause.” What I mean by this is that, in the past, I didn’t always stop to celebrate accomplishments. When I was younger (a lot younger), I was sometimes so focused on goals and projects ahead of me that I didn’t ever take a moment to save the accomplishments I did make. It was always on to the next thing, then the next, and the next. Anyone who tried to tell…

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#NaturalLove Release Day: Where I spent my time

It’s safe to say that this has been an exciting day for me. I worked on NATURAL LOVE for nine months. I spent hours in front of my computer typing the first draft, weeks revising, and months agonizing about the story. And now, after such a long time, it’s here. The book is ready for readers. Wow. People asked me along the way what I wanted to do on “release day”, and how I wanted to celebrate the book’s publication.…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: One Final Teaser

I’ve had so much fun making the teasers for this book. Over the last few months, this has become one of my favorite parts of the run up to the release of this book. Here’s a final one. Just for you all. As for NATURAL LOVE, it’s on the way! The book will be here before you know it! Grab a copy on Amazon if you haven’t had a chance, and look for the book to go live on iBooks,…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: A Never Before Read Excerpt

With just two days to go until NATURAL LOVE‘s release, I thought I’d post a treat for you all today. Below is a never before published excerpt from the story. Enjoy. ______ She twisted toward me some more in the seat and propped her elbow on the console. Now, with her face only inches away from mine, she looked at me. “Do you think that’s weird?” “Depends on what you heard. I mean, if you heard—” “Stop it.” “Stop what?”…

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#NaturalLove Release Week: Teaser #4

Spencer doesn’t always get it right in NATURAL LOVE. He fumbles. He screws up. He makes a lot of mistakes. He struggles with his feelings, and so does Avery. She’s as complicated as he is. Sometimes she’s angry for no reason, and sometimes she’s abrupt. She likes to hide  things, but she also likes to shove her feelings in Spencer’s face. It’s not an easy love by any means, but it all goes back to one big theme. Avery thinks no one…

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