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Some Thoughts on the Joys of Getting Your Hands Dirty

I’ve never been one with a “green thumb”. I’ve left that to my mother–who knows more about plants than most people I’ve ever met.  Most of the plants I’ve ever tried to nurture have died within a few days of contact with me.  Gardening has never been my thing. Until now. Our living situation changed this year in a good way, and we found ourselves responsible for a pretty large swath of yard that included flowerbeds, bushes, large trees, and half-hearted…

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All the Details on My #CharmingGiveaway

I’m in the mood to “Celi-brate.” That’s a term my husband and I have for when we throw a dinner party or cocktail night, and it applies here, too. As you may know, my young adult novel, PRINCE CHARMING, will be republished by Booktrope this year. The company acquired it in March, and the story is getting a whole new look and a new rounds of edits. Geoff Miller’s story is getting some polish, and it’s been fun so far. What…

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My Friends, the Happy Family of 5 (Two Parents, Two Kids, One Dog)

I’ve been pretty lucky in life. I have a group of girlfriends I’ve known for over 15 years–20 years in some cases. We grew up together, went to the same schools, and graduated together. Email, AOL Chat (haha, circa 2001), Facebook, and Instagram have all helped us keep in touch over the years, through engagements, marriages, and babies. A few of us still live in the Cincinnati area, and we get together as a group for drinks or dinner from…

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