Remembering Bob Barry, Jr.—A Legend

I got some devastating news from a good friend tonight. Bob Barry, Jr., a longtime legend and sports broadcaster at KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, has died in a tragic crash. My heart broke when I heard this news, and I am grieving. I worked for two years at KFOR-TV as an anchor and reporter for various newscasts and as the main talent on the 9PM newscast for Freedom 43, a sidebar network run by the folks at KFOR. I came…

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The Winds of Change

Two years ago, when I came to Oklahoma, I had no idea what I’d find. I just knew I needed to come here. I’d been offered an awesome opportunity as an anchor and reporter for KFOR/ Freedom43. I knew better than to pass that up, but in truth, the pull in my stomach felt like more than just job advancement. It felt like I needed to move here to be a better me. With very little hesitation, I uprooted my life…

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Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Before I moved to Oklahoma, I had never been to a really big state fair. It just wasn’t part of my life growing up. The Ohio and Kentucky State Fairs were two hours away from our home in the Cincinnati suburbs, so making an annual pilgrimage wasn’t something we’d done. When I worked at KSLA, Shreveport hosted the annual Louisiana State Fair, but I often heard that as fun as that event was, it paled in comparison to the state…

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The Day I Finally Met Jamie McGuire

“If you have a story that is crushing your heart, then write it,” Jamie McGuire told the crowd at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa on Tuesday. She visited the campus to talk to the students about writing and her bestseller, Beautiful Disaster. I was there to talk to her. Sometimes my personal and professional lives intersect, when it happens, it’s awesome.  This was one of those times. You see, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a fan of Jamie’s writing. She has…

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