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As I’ve mentioned before on this site, my young adult novel, PRINCE CHARMING, is going through a transition. Booktrope is set to release a newly edited version of this story, and I hope this edition will help the novel find new readers. Today, I’m happy to share the new cover for the second edition. It’s been hard to keep this secret–trust me. It’s a high concept design that is the result of a collaboration between myself, book manager April Gerard,…

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Just got some important news about Booktrope’s new edition of PRINCE CHARMING, and I want to share it without any delay. As I have mentioned before, Booktrope planned to publish a new edition of this work on July 6th. It’s getting a new cover, a new round of edits, and new chances to find readers. When this book was accepted by Booktope for publication, I couldn’t have been happier. I still feel that way. However, PRINCE CHARMING’S expected publication by Booktrope…

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All the Details on My #CharmingGiveaway

I’m in the mood to “Celi-brate.” That’s a term my husband and I have for when we throw a dinner party or cocktail night, and it applies here, too. As you may know, my young adult novel, PRINCE CHARMING, will be republished by Booktrope this year. The company acquired it in March, and the story is getting a whole new look and a new rounds of edits. Geoff Miller’s story is getting some polish, and it’s been fun so far. What…

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All About #PrinceCharming’s Big News

If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed some exciting news about my young adult coming-of-age novel, PRINCE CHARMING. It has been picked up the publisher Booktrope, which plans to release a second edition of the book sometime this year. I couldn’t be happier about this news. Here’s a quick rundown on what happens next: PRINCE CHARMING will go through a new round of edits, and could get a new cover design and layout. PRINCE CHARMING‘s second…

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The teasers are on! As many of you know, PRINCE CHARMING is in final edits. I working on the structural comments right now, and soon will be sending it off for final copy edits. I grow more excited about this projected by the day. That’s why I decided to catch you fine folks on the blog up on the photo teasers from the book that I am now posting weekly on my Facebook page. They aren’t long teases, but they’re…

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Some Thoughts on the Craft – and a Few Updates

Hey, there! No, I haven’t blogged in a while – but I’m still here! These last few weeks have been so busy. First, I needed to get PRINCE CHARMING ready for the first round of professional edits. That included getting feedback from beta readers, going through my own edits, and making sure the final product met the editor’s specifications! By the way, if you are just getting up to speed on this project, here is more about PRINCE CHARMING on Goodreads.…

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