Five Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Bibliophile in Your Life

I get it. Shopping for the perfect gift can be a daunting task. Did you get the right gift? What if the recipient already bought the same thing for themselves? What if they don’t like it? What if they do? It’s especially hard when it comes to people who love books and can’t stop on-clicking on Amazon. What do you get them–besides an Amazon gift card? Well, I went shopping for you. Below is a list of five affordable and creative…

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2016 Wishlist!

2016 is going to be epic and I can’t wait to take you all on this exciting journey! As we celebrate the holidays and begin the new year, I’ve created an exclusive 2016 Wishlist for you. These are my MUST HAVE items for 2016. My picks for everything from books to winter fashion! Click here to check it out and write your 2016 MUST HAVES in the comments below.

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Do We Really Have to Do Christmas Right Now, Retailers?

RIP, Halloween. Nice to know you, Thanksgiving. It’s  the second week of September, but we’ve already skipped ahead. Walk into retail stores across the country and you’ll see it– Christmas holiday décor has already arrived in many places, filling up the shelves with holiday cheer. Really. When I first saw it on LABOR DAY, I thought my eyes had seen a mirage. Surely that wasn’t a large display of elves, Christmas ornaments, holly, candy canes, and music in the middle of…

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Yes, I Shopped #LillyForTarget

Long before the day came, I had my strategy ready. I wouldn’t go to a Target store near the center of Cincinnati, I wouldn’t get any preconceived notions about what I might find, and I wouldn’t go crazy if the demand for the items exceeded the probability of me buying something. Lilly Pulitzer, you see, deserved at least this kind of decorum from me. Since the announcement earlier this year about the brand’s collaboration with Target, anticipation for the line…

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Fall Fashion 2013: Four Finds

If you haven’t noticed, fall is the best season for fashion. Everyone brings their A-game, from Hollywood starlets to fashion designers to magazine editors. Fall trends can set the tone for an entire year. 2013 is no different. Fall is upon us, my friends. So what am I scoping for fall trends? Here are four big things: 1. Emerald: Pantone’s color of the year lit up runways all over the year, and going green is so on trend this season…

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