My Favorite Fitness Tricks

A new year, a new you. That’s what we say every January, right? That we want to turn over a new leaf with the new calendar, and that we want to make good on our plans to lose weight or get fit. And then we don’t do it. And I get this. It’s hard to make being healthy a part of our daily lives. So many things can get in the way–families, work, life changes, temptations, that extra bag of…

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Celi Cooks: That’s a Layered Pizza Pie!

I’ve baked homemade pizzas for years, but a recent episode of Man vs. Food I found on The Food Network convinced me that I might have been doing it wrong all along. The episode focused on an NYC pizza joint that serves an epic pizza the Sicilian way. A big twist here: sauce on top of the pizza, not on the bottom. I’m not Italian (Celi is a name I received when I married my Filipino-American husband), so this concept seemed new…

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Five Fashion Must-Haves for Spring 2015

If you’re like me, you’re ready for spring. More than ready. For most of the US, it’s cold, windy, snowy, and bitter outside. It might be March (!), but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Cold temperatures and the final long slog of winter have me thinking “where is spring?”   Luckily, it’s not far away. And when it comes, I want to have the wardrobe to prove it. That’s why I’m talking 2015 Spring Fashion Trends. We live in…

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Spin to Win: Five Reasons to Take a Spinning Class

If you’re like me, you get bored easily. It can be hard to do things over and over again, especially something that takes time and effort, like a workout. Since 2008, when I first got serious about my personal health, I’ve been on a journey, trying different types of workouts different ways. I’ve run several races (including a marathon), hired a fitness trainer, attended all kinds of exercise classes, and challenged myself to change it up in the gym. My…

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Some Thoughts on Vacations

For the last week, I’ve been on a “vacation.” I put that in quotes because the longer I run my own business, and the more time that passes where I am my own boss (most of the time), I find the old adage to be true. When you run your own business, there never really is a day off from professional pursuits. I think the days of being totally unplugged on vacation and separated from my daily life at home…

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Celi Cooks: Hot Mulled Wine

Hot mulled wine was another big hit when it came to Christmas 2014. This recipe takes a humdrum bottle of regular red wine and ads some sparkle and glamour. Serve this to your guests at a party, and they’ll clamor for another glass faster than you can serve it! Mulled wine works great at fall and winter events, when everyone wants to warm up with a hot drink. Ingredients:  1 standard bottle of red table wine (no need to reach…

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